The Company
Gorkha Lahari Pvt. Ltd. (GLPL) came into existence on July 11th, 2007, A.D. after acquiring all assets and liabilities of Nepal Tobacco Co. Pvt. Ltd. (Cigarette Division). Prior to this, Gorkha Lahari Pvt.Ltd. was running Nepal Tobacco Co.Pvt.Ltd. (Cigarette Division) as lessee, handling their cigarette division.

The company’s unit has a complete set up at Hetauda Industrial District (HID) and produces plain and filter brands of cigarettes, which it sales through its about 66 distributors and channels spread throughout country.

The company manufactures different brands of plain as well as filter cigarettes .About 20% market share is covered by this company and brands are available all over Nepal. Nepal Gold Flake ,Sahara Filter and Mayalu Filter are the main brands of the company and other brands are : Bahar Special plane,Brown filter Kings,Gorkha Filter,Style Filter,Winner Filter,Caption Filter Kings,Mustang Black,Mustang Red and Major Filter.

Gorkha Lahari Pvt. Ltd. has a management committee as well as a policy making body, responsible for keeping proper balance of shareholders, employees, customers and other parties. Persons with expertise in the field of cigarette are the members of the committee.

Under the Managing Director, Divisional Chiefs are responsible for smooth operation of their respective divisions which are production, marketing, administration and finance. The management team has 30 years experience in cigarette manufacturing and marketing in Nepal and India.

The company is contributing a considerable amount to the National Revenue, providing more than 400 people direct and indirect employment and income tax.